Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Lady Obama visits PAL in NYC

New York- It's not every day that right across the street from your school, the first lady of the United States comes to visit PAL. So the first lady came for some important reason, and they had to close the street. I know for a fact that you can not have the president or first lady here in the city without the secret service, hungrands of police officers, and at least 1 news van. I personally wasn't able to go to this big event, but my freinds did. That is how i managed to get this photos(courtesy of Juliette Soumah). So when the first lady comes near your school, expect big things to happen in your day. Police commishiner Ray Kelly was there, along with retiring Manhattan District Attourney Robert Morgenthau. My class is the most lucky in the world and i am glad to be a part of them.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

An Emo Love story Chapter 2

Hello, I'm Brandon J., administrator of Brandon J.'s news, with  my new book, An Emo love story. There are 10 chapters in this book. Here is the second chapter.

Starling woke up to the rising sun the next morning. She had drempt that she met this mysterious boy and they lived happily ever after. "I need to meet this mysterious boy. It said to meet him at Yankee Stadium. I will go there this afternoon after class." Starling thought, sitting on top of her bed. "Starling! Breakfast!" her mother called from the kitchen. "Coming!" Starling called. The kitchen was very big with a table so long, you have to shout to be heard. Starling ate her breakfast very quickly and went into her room to change.

Starling dressed in her school uniform which was a black shirt, a black jeans and wearing a black keychain with a skull and crossbones. Starling doesn't talk like an emo girl, but she sures dresses like one. "Goodbye, dear," her mother said. "Goodbye, mother." Starling said, giving her mother a quick hug.

Brandon J. is a reporter and the administrator of Brandon J.'s News. The 3rd chapter is on Tuesday.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Emo love story Chapter 1

Hello, I'm Brandon J., administrator of Brandon J.'s news, with an important anouncement. I am going to write my new book, An Emo love story. There are 10 chapters in this book. Here is the first chapter.

Chapter 1

It was a cold night in New York City. Crickets were chirping and the streets were very quiet. Starling Black quickly walked to her house, looking back to make sure there was nobody following her. Starling was an emo girl, but she was different than others. She liked talking to boys and wants a boyfreind. Starling then turned the corner and fumbled for her keys. She then turned the door and quickly walked in. "Whoa," Starling said, leaning against the wall for breath, "That is the last time i take a walk at 2AM ever again." Starling then waited for the elevator to come and got in. Ever since her last boyfreind, Jake, broke up with her 3 years ago, she had been sad and depressed.

Starling first went to her computer and logged into Facebook. She went to the text box above and typed in:
"Anybody know a boy that i could talk to?"

While waiting for a responce, Starling fixed herself an early breakfast. She had sausage, pancakes and orange juice. She finally got a responce from a boy named brannews.

Facebook to Starling Black  3AM

An annoumonus boy wrote on your wall. He wrote: "Do you need a boy? Meet me at Yankee Stadium tomorrow afternoon. THIS is the boy you are looking for."

Starling was jumping up and down. Then, she heard something that made her stop cold. She heard a key in the lock and the lock turning. "Oh No," Starling said. "It's my mother. What is she doing here? She's supposed to work until 5AM. I've got to get into bed now." Starling then took off like a rocket into her room. She made it into bed with no time to spare, she was in bed right when her mother came walking down the hallway. "I'll think on this mysterious boy tomorrow. I hope he's cute." Starling thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Brandon J. is a reporter and the administrator of Brandon J.'s News. The 2nd chapter is on Monday.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Service advisories for November 13-14th Part 1

  • 168th Street bound 1 trains skip 50th, 59th and 66th Street
For service to these stations, take the 1 to 72 St and transfer to a South Ferry-bound 1 Train. For service from these stations, take the 1 train to Times Sq-42 St and transfer to a 168 St-bound 1 train.

Note: 1 service runs between 168 St and South Ferry during this time.

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations. Please call 718-596-8585 or (TTY) 718-596-8273, 6 AM to 10 PM for help with planning your trip.

  • No 1 trains between 242nd Street and 168th Street

A trains, M3 bus and free shuttle buses provide alternate service.

Free shuttle buses replace trains in two sections:

1. On Broadway between 242 and 215 Sts, then connecting to the 207 St Station.
2. On St Nicholas Av between 191 and 168 Sts.

 For 181 and 191 Sts, take the to 168 St and transfer to the M3 (free transfer available) or St Nicholas Av shuttle bus.

 No service at Dyckman St and 207 St Stations - Use nearby stations instead.

For the Bronx, transfer at 168 St to the uptown A to 207 St, then transfer to the Broadway shuttle bus to 242 St.

Station Broadway Shuttle Bus Stop
242 St on Broadway at Manhattan College Pkwy Transfer to: Bx9

238 St on Broadway at 238 St Transfer to: Bx9

231 St on Broadway at 231 St Transfer to: Bx9

225 St on Broadway at 225 St Transfer to:Bx7

215 St on Broadway at 215 St Transfer to: Bx7

207 St on Broadway at Isham St Transfer to: Bx7

Station M3 and St Nicholas Av Shuttle Bus Stop
191 St St Nicholas Av at 190 St M3

181 St St Nicholas Av at 181 St M3

168 St St Nicholas Av at 168 St M3

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations. Please call 718-596-8585 or (TTY) 718-596-8273, 6 AM to 10 PM for help with planning your trip.

  • Wakefield 241 St bound 2 trains skip 50th, 59th and 66th Streets
Nights, 12:01 AM to 6:30 AM, Sat and Sun and 12:01 AM to 5 AM, Mon, Nov 13 - 15

For service to these stations, take the Bronx bound 2 to 72 St and transfer to a South Ferry bound 1 train or Flatbush Av bound 2 train.

For service from these stations, take the 1, 2 or 3 to Times Sq-42 St and transfer to a 241 St-bound 2.

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations. Please call 718-596-8585 or (TTY) 718-596-8273, 6 AM to 10 PM for help with planning your trip.

  • Woodlawn bound 4 run express from Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall to 14th Sreet-Union Square
Nights, 12:01 AM to 6:30 AM, Sat and Sun and 12:01 AM to 5 AM Mon, Nov 13 - 15

For service to Canal St, transfer to the J at Brooklyn Bridge-Chambers St.

For service to Spring, Bleecker Sts or Astor Pl, take the 4 to 14 St-Union Sq and transfer to a New Lots Av-bound 4 or Brooklyn Bridge-bound 6.

For service from these stations, take the 4 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge and transfer to a Woodlawn-bound 4.

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations. Please call  718-596-8585 or (TTY) 718-596-8273, 6 AM to 10 PM for help with planning your trip.

  • Phelam Bay Park bound 6 trains run express from Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall to 14th Street-Union Sq
For service to Canal St, transfer to the J at Brooklyn Bridge-Chambers St.

For service to Spring, Bleecker Sts or Astor Pl, take the 4 to 14 St-Union Sq and transfer to a New Lots Av-bound 4 or Brooklyn Bridge-bound 6.

For service from these stations, take the 4 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge and transfer to a Woodlawn-bound 4.

This service change affects one or more ADA accessible stations. Please call 718-596-8585 or (TTY) 718-596-8273, 6 AM to 10 PM for help with planning your trip.

  • Flushing Main Street bound 7 trains skip 82nd, 90th, 103rd and 111th Streets
Weekend, 4 AM Sat to 11 PM Sun, Nov 13 - 14

For service to these stations, take the 7 to Junction Blvd or Willets Point and transfer to a Times Sq-bound 7.  For service from these stations, take a Times Sq-bound 7 to Junction Blvd or 74 St and transfer to a Flushing-bound 7.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Bridge and Street Closures – November 13-14

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Manhattan Bridge roadways will be alternately closed between midnight and 6 am to allow for the installation of vehicle weight monitoring gauges on the bridge. The Manhattan-bound Upper Roadway will close first, for approximately 2-3 hours. When it is re-opened, the Manhattan-bound Lower Roadway will then close for approximately 2-3 hours. All lanes will be re-opened by 6 am. Travel lanes will be maintained in each direction and bicycle and pedestrian access to the Manhattan Bridge will not be affected.

The two entrance ramps to the eastbound/outbound Brooklyn Bridge from Park Row and Centre Street in Manhattan are closed from 1 am to 6 am. All traffic heading to Brooklyn will be detoured to Pearl Street to access the on-ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge. Details are available on the DOT web site at

One tube of the Queens Midtown Tunnel will be closed from 1 am Saturday through 5:30 am Monday to facilitate MTA concrete and pavement work. Two-way traffic will be maintained in the remaining tube.

59th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues will be closed from 7 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday to facilitate utility and trunk water main work by the Department of Design and Construction (DDC). Motorists should use 2nd Avenue southbound or 58th Street eastbound to access the lower level of the Queensboro Bridge.

45th Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue, Vanderbilt Avenue between 46th Street and 44th Street, and Park Avenue southbound between 46th Street and 42nd Street may be closed (weather permitting) from 7 am to 11 pm Saturday and/or Sunday to facilitate Eastside Access structural work.

Nassau Street between Ann Street and Fulton Street and Ann Street between Park Row and William Street will be closed Saturday and/or Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm to facilitate DDC roadway work.

The following streets in the Bronx will be closed on Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm for the Bronx Veteran’s Day Parade and Festival:
  • East Tremont Avenue between Lawton and Randall Avenues
  •  Lawton Avenue between Quincy and East Tremont Avenues
  •  Randall Avenue between East Tremont and Ellsworth Avenues.
Dispersal will be on Ellsworth Avenue between Randall Avenue and the Throgs Neck service road and the service road to Bicentennial Veterans Memorial Park

The times listed for closures for street fairs are for the actual times of the street fairs themselves. The streets may be closed longer to allow for set-up and breakdown. Street fair organizers are generally permitted to begin set-up at 8 am and breakdown must be completed by 7 pm.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brandon J.'s News hits a mjor acomplishment

I honestly thought that would never say this, but today, Tuesday November 9th, 2010, we have finally hit 500 viewers. It is a pretty good acomplishment for 6 months time. Before all of this, there were no widgets, a few posts and very few viwership. But now, with your support, I've turned this site from the ground into the greatest site that i've ever made. I am hoping that with your support, we can go to 1,000 viewers by March of 2011

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blues' Ty Conklin stops 27 shots to earn 15th career shutout

Madison Square Garden, New York- Suddenly it doesn't matter who the St. Louis Blues put in the net. Pucks aren't getting past either of their goalies.

Jaroslav Halak staked an early claim to Vezina Trophy front-runner status with three shutouts in his first 10 games. Ty Conklin gave him a break Sunday night, and posted a goose egg, too. Conklin, in just his second game this season, made 27 saves for his 15th NHL shutout as the Blues beat the New York Rangers 2-0 for their seventh straight win.  Alexander Steen scored a second-period goal and added an empty-netter for the Blues (9-1-2), who earned their first shutout of the Rangers in 129 meetings since joining the NHL in 1967.

"I heard that," Conklin said. "It's fine with me. I'm glad it came when I was in net. It would've been great when Jaro was in net, but I'll take it."

Conklin looked every bit as good as Halak, who took the night off after beating Boston on Saturday in a shootout. The Blues are enjoying their longest winning streak since they ran off nine straight from Oct. 15 to Nov. 5, 2002. St. Louis has scored 16 goals and allowed only six during this run, posting four shutouts.

"It's a great job by them," Blues coach Davis Payne said. "Our goaltenders have bailed us out in real key situations, allowed us to play with a one-goal lead, and allowed us to either build upon it or solidify a victory. As much as it is a team performance, what they're bringing to the table is not going unnoticed."

Conklin faced his biggest test in the third period after B.J. Crombeen received a five-minute major penalty for boarding Derek Stepan with 12:35 left. New York managed four shots during the long advantage, but couldn't solve the veteran Conklin.

"We had a couple of chances, but not enough," Rangers forward Ryan Callahan said. "We knew they were going to be aggressive on their penalty kill, and we just didn't match it."

Crombeen caught Stepan from behind as the Rangers rookie turned his back to him at the end boards in the St. Louis zone. The Blues didn't bicker about the penalty.

"I think it was the right call," Payne said. "It was an unfortunate play. I don't think Beener was looking for any sort of contact, he just kind of caught him off guard. We were able to kill the five-minute penalty with one of our PK guys in the box. It was a great job by our killers."

This marked Conklin's first action since Oct. 16 at Dallas when he lost in a shootout. That was the only other game in which Halak didn't play. Steen's goal with 3.9 seconds left sealed Conklin's first win since March 20 -- also a shutout at New Jersey.

"Guys are stepping up. It seems like a different guy every night," said Conklin, in his eighth NHL season. "Jaro has been a pretty familiar face playing well, and the team has been playing well in front of him, too.

"We haven't been scoring tons, but we get goals when it matters and everybody defends well."

Martin Biron subbed for Rangers' No. 1 goalie Henrik Lundqvist for only the third time 14 games and made 20 saves. He was solid, despite some adventures while playing the puck in traffic.

His only blemish came on Steen's second goal of the season, but that was enough to send the Rangers (7-6-1) to their fourth loss in seven games as they started a four-game homestand.

Steen took a pass from Brad Boyes during a 3-on-2 rush and snapped a shot from the high slot past Biron to make it 1-0 at 5:16 of the second period.

"You are not going to lose too many games giving up one goal," Biron said. "We need to be better. We are going to get better."

The Rangers thought they had taken a 1-0 lead with 1:56 left in the first period, but the goal was immediately waved off by an odd and confusing call by referee Bill McCreary. Blues defenseman Nikita Nikitin reached up with a high stick as the puck sailed past him in the neutral zone, but never made contact with it. A delayed high-sticking call was indicated as play continued, and the puck bounced in on Conklin. Rangers forward Alexander Frolov corralled it and scored, but it didn't hold up. St. Louis, which failed to score on back-to-back penalties against Ruslan Fedotenko, finished the period with a 14-8 edge in shots.

Game notes
Ottawa is the only team the Blues have never shut out. ... Callahan returned after missing one game because of neck soreness following a hit at Philadelphia on Thursday. ... Blues LW David Perron missed his second straight game because of headaches following a hit by San Jose's Joe Thornton on Thursday. Perron is tied for the team lead with five goals. ... Biron is 0-7-0-2 against St. Louis in 10 career appearances.

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At Madison Square Garden, I'm Barndon J., reporting for the Rangers

Amare Stoudemire's 21 points not enough as 76ers defeat Knicks

Madison Square Garden, New York- Elton Brand's best basketball since coming to Philadelphia has been wasted early this season.

He hopes that's about to change.

Brand scored 20 points, Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday each had 19, and the 76ers beat the New York Knicks 106-96 on Sunday. A former All-Star, Brand has scored 20 or more in four straight games, his longest stretch since seven in a row late in the 2006-07 season for the Los Angeles Clippers. It hasn't mattered much, since the 76ers are just 2-5.

"It feels OK because we're not winning. But we're just so close to winning," Brand said of his resurgence. "If we were getting blown out or something, then it wouldn't matter to me, scoring 20 points, I don't care about that. But we're just so close to winning, our record could definitely be two or three games above .500. We lost some close, close games, so now hopefully this will give us some confidence to keep building on."

Evan Turner, the No. 2 pick and last season's college player of the year, added 14 points and 10 rebounds in his first NBA start as the 76ers snapped the Knicks' two-game winning streak. Turner started in place of Andre Iguodala, who was out with a strained right Achilles tendon. The 76ers already have lost twice by three or fewer points, and fell apart in the fourth quarter of their previous game, a 123-116 loss to Cleveland on Friday. They owned this fourth quarter, holding the Knicks to 5-of-24 shooting.

"It was really good to see these guys feel good about themselves," coach Doug Collins said. "We have been in all these games and the guys finally found a way to finish."

Amare Stoudemire had 21 points and 15 rebounds for the Knicks, who managed just 15 points in the final period. After consecutive wins, they heard boos as they walked off the floor at 3-3.

"We had some mental lapses," coach Mike D'Antoni said. "We came out too not focused like we needed to be."

Stoudemire's follow shot gave the Knicks their last lead at 94-93 before the Sixers ran off nine in a row. Tony Battie made a jumper, Holiday nailed a 3-pointer, then Turner stole Stoudemire's pass for a layup and a 100-94 advantage. Holiday capped the decisive burst with two free throws.

Stoudemire's free throw got the Knicks back within six, but they couldn't grab a rebound after forcing a miss and Williams hit a pair of free throws with 40 seconds to go.

Brand made six of seven shots in the first quarter, scoring 12 points and helping the 76ers take a 33-25 lead after they shot 70 percent. Slowed by injuries, he averaged just 13.3 points in his first two seasons after signing an $80 million contract with Philadelphia. He's scoring 18.6 per game this season on 58 percent shooting.

"I remember back in the day he was a beast. He's just been hurt the last couple of years," Turner said. "But I feel like he's really healthy and he's out there being a warrior."

Philadelphia led by 10 midway through the second before the Knicks got their transition game going, roaring back with a 15-3 spurt to take a 54-52 lead on Ronny Turiaf's dunk with 1:44 remaining. New York led 56-54 at halftime. The Knicks built a nine-point lead in the third, but Collins went deep down his bench, going with a frontcourt of Battie, Marreese Speights and Jodie Meeks to help the Sixers cut it to 81-80 heading to the fourth.

"We lost the game in the third quarter," Stoudemire said. "A lot of free throws. We were putting those guys on the line."

Reserve Toney Douglas scored 17 points and Danilo Gallinari added 15 for New York, which won the final three meetings last season after dropping the previous six. Raymond Felton finished with seven points, 10 assists and eight rebounds.

Game notes
Iguodala had started 252 consecutive games, the second-longest streak in the league behind the Lakers' Derek Fisher, who entered Sunday at 297, and had missed just six of a possible 498 in his career. ... The Knicks came in averaging a league-leading 8.4 blocked shots per game. They ranked 29th last season and 30th two seasons ago in that category, when they had fewer as a team than Orlando's Dwight Howard. ... Wilson Chandler (17.4, 3rd) and Douglas (16.4, 5th) both entered in the league's top five in reserve scoring. Detroit's Ben Gordon was first (21.7), Williams was second (17.7) and former Knicks forward Al Harrington (16.6) fourth.

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At Madison Square Garden, I'm Brandon J., reporting for the Knicks.

Mark Sanchez helps Jets escape Detroit with OT win

Ford Field, Detroit-Mark Sanchez threw a lot of passes high, low and wide.

When it mattered most, he found his target.

Sanchez connected with Santonio Holmes for 52 yards to set up Nick Folk's 30-yard field goal 2:18 into overtime, lifting the New York Jets to a 23-20 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

"He's at his best when he's not thinking and he's just a California boy playing football," Jets receiver Braylon Edwards said.

Sanchez scored on a quarterback sneak with 2:46 left in regulation and led a nine-play drive that set up Folk's 36-yard kick to send the game into OT.

He successfully lobbied Jets coach Rex Ryan to run the two-minute offense in overtime.

"When I started running it, we got them on their heels," Sanchez said. "It was obvious that we took over the game at the end."

Knocking Matthew Stafford out of the game certainly helped the Jets take control.

Stafford threw two TD passes and ran for a score to give Detroit a 10-point lead before re-injuring his right shoulder and leaving the game with 5:19 left. Stafford separated his shoulder in the opener and was out until last week.

"You don't want to hurt a guy, but that changed the game," said linebacker Bryan Thomas, who tackled Stafford from behind and sent him crashing on his right shoulder. "I was just trying to make a play."

Lions coach Jim Schwartz gave Sanchez extra time to run more plays on the game-tying drive when he called a pass on third down and Drew Stanton threw an incompletion, giving the Jets the ball with 1:40 left.

"I didn't make myself clear enough that we shouldn't worry about taking the lost yardage play right there because the clock obviously was important," Schwartz said.

The Jets were stunned at Schwartz's decision not to run the ball and take time off the clock when they were out of timeouts.

"They gave us about 40 more seconds to work with," New York offensive tackle Damien Woody said. "That was huge."

The Jets (6-2) took advantage against the Lions (2-6) and silenced a previously boisterous crowd at Ford Field. Obviously we feel fortunate we got the win, but we don't care -- we'll take it," Ryan said. "That's what good teams do, find a way to win."

In a matchup of first-round quarterbacks from last year's draft, Sanchez came out on top and Stafford couldn't stay on the field. Stafford was the No. 1 pick overall and Sanchez was drafted fifth.
Sanchez was 22 of 39 for a career-high 323 yards with one TD -- a 74-yard, go-ahead pass to Edwards with a minute left in the first half -- and one interception.

Stafford was 20 of 36 for 240 yards with two TDs, no interceptions, and a rushing score. Calvin Johnson was held to 1 reception for 13 yards, getting shut down by All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis.

"He brought the best out of me," Revis said.

The Lions were at their best and looked like they were going to win a third game this season -- to surpass the victories they had the past two years combined -- when Stafford lobbed a 2-yard TD to Nate Burleson with 11:51 left. But they couldn't overcome Stafford's injury or Schwartz's questionable call and linebacker Julian Peterson's personal foul on the game-tying drive.

"This is the worst loss ever, I think, in my 10 years," said Detroit center Dominic Raiola, whose record with the franchise is 35-117 since 2001.

New York, which was shut out at home last week by Green Bay, didn't score in the first or third quarters at Detroit.

Detroit got off to a good start and led for much of the game, but couldn't make enough winning plays on both sides of the ball to snap New York's seven-game winning streak on the road. Stafford connected with Brandon Pettigrew for a 10-yard TD on the first drive against a team that had given up three points in the first quarter of its first seven games.

A missed extra point proved to be costly for Detroit.

Rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, filling in for injured kicker Jason Hanson, hit the right upright on an extra point in the third quarter when the Lions led 13-10. Suh was the first defensive lineman to attempt an extra point or a field goal since at least 1983, according to STATS, LLC. Sanchez and the Jets, though, were explosive enough to score 10 points in the last 2:46 and on the opening drive of OT.

Hanson, whose right knee was evaluated on the sideline, was healthy enough to return to kick an extra point that put Detroit ahead 20-10 in the fourth. The Jets would've been more aggressive if they needed a TD on the final drive of regulation, but they only needed three points to force the game into overtime against Stanton, who was active because backup QB Shaun Hill is injured.

Game notes
New York's LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene combined for 101 yards rushing and Holmes had 114 yards receiving. ... Burleson had seven catches for 113 yards and a TD. ... The Jets gave DE Vernon Gholston his first start of the year and he didn't make a tackle.

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At Ford Field in Detroit, I'm Brandon J., reporting for the Jets.

Eli Manning, Giants trample Seahawks for victory

Quest Field, Seattle- Eli Manning isn't ready to hear all the accolades the New York Giants might be getting as one of the NFL's top teams at the midway point, no matter how dominating they looked Sunday.

"Don't start thinking we're good right now," Manning cautioned.

Manning picked apart Seattle's secondary for 232 yards and three touchdowns and Ahmad Bradshaw added two TDs -- all in the opening half -- and the Giants routed the Seahawks 41-7 on Sunday.
Coming off its bye, New York (6-2) needed just one half to win its fifth straight, put away any memories of past flubs in Seattle and stake claim at the top of the NFC East.

"Things are going well right now," Manning said. "But we've just got to make sure we stay committed to getting better."

New York's statement was swift and efficient, not allowing the undermanned Seahawks hope of pulling the upset or letting their notoriously loud home crowd get rocking.

The Giants still had fresh memories of five years ago when they were penalized 14 times -- including 11 false starts -- in a 24-21 overtime loss. A year later, after the Giants made claims that artificial crowd noise was being piped into the stadium, the Seahawks jumped to a 42-3 lead in another win over New York.
Other than the Giants first drive, Seattle's fans were left sitting on their hands or booing the home team. The Giants were called for just two false start penalties and handed Seattle its worst home loss since moving into Qwest Field. It was the Giants biggest road win since a 41-7 win at Washington in 1993.

"I wouldn't want to say we are the best team. But, we are playing the way we need to be as a team," Giants safety Antrel Rolle said. "I think we are establishing ourselves as a great unit. As long as we keep playing team ball, I can just see us climbing and climbing and climbing."

Manning's passer rating was a nearly perfect 152.3 in the first half. He finished 21 of 32 for 290 yards and TD passes of 46, 6 and 5 yards. Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and D.J. Ware combined for 201 yards rushing, while Hakeem Nicks had six catches for 128 yards.

It was the second straight 41-point outburst by the Giants offense. New York finished with 487 yards of offense, the third time topping 400 yards during its win streak.

"What didn't they do?" Seattle linebacker Aaron Curry wondered.

Manning's blistering first half included a 46-yard strike to Nicks, when rookie safety Earl Thomas bit on a crossing route and one play after Thomas was called for illegal contact to keep the Giants drive alive.

Seattle's Leon Washington fumbled the ensuing kickoff that Jonathan Goff recovered and returned it to the Seattle 4. Bradshaw piled in on the next play and in 15 seconds, the Giants were up 21-0.

Manning also found Steve Smith on a 6-yard TD pass in the second quarter and his 5-yarder to Kevin Boss in the final minute of the first half gave the Giants a 35-0 halftime lead.

Manning and most of the Giants starters watched the fourth quarter from the bench.

"We have a lot of confidence. We know that we can go out and [stop] any team we want to when we play a good game," Bradshaw said. "That is just what we did today. We played great."

About the only positive for Seattle was keeping quarterback Charlie Whitehurst upright and in the game after the Giants had knocked out five quarterbacks already this season.

But Whitehurst's performance, in his first NFL start, should silence those calling for the end of Matt Hasselbeck's tenure in Seattle. With Hasselbeck out with a concussion, Whitehurst completed 12 of 23 passes for 113 yards and two interceptions.

Whitehurst did complete the first regular season pass of his career -- for a 3-yard loss -- and he threw a 36-yard TD pass to Ben Obomanu early in the fourth quarter.

"It made it a little better, I guess," Whitehurst said of his first TD pass. "But it was a disappointing day for us. I was disappointed in the way that I played and I have to get better."

It didn't help Whitehurst that two starting offensive linemen were out, along with three-fourths of Seattle's starting defensive line. And Seattle's run game never got started against the Giants defense with Marshawn Lynch held to 48 yards on 11 carries, 26 yards coming on one run.

Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates also called a puzzling double pass on third-and-1 in the first quarter that fell incomplete when Whitehurst overthrew tight end Chris Baker by 10 yards.

Lynch later was called for a false start when he fell on his face getting off balance before the ball was snapped. On the next play, Whitehurst's throw for Mike Williams was bobbled and intercepted by Terrell Thomas in the end zone.

"Nothing feels right, right now," Seattle coach Pete Carroll said.

Game notes
Obomanu's TD catch was Seattle's first touchdown since the second quarter against Arizona two weeks ago. ... Nicks rolled his ankle but didn't believe he would miss any time. ... The Giants dominated time of possession, 42:34 to 17:26.

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At Quest Field in Seattle, I'm Brandon J., reporting for the NY Giants.

Paul DePodesta joins Mets

Port St. Lucie, Miami- Paul DePodesta is leaving his role as executive vice president of the San Diego Padres to join general manager Sandy Alderson's front office with the New York Mets as vice president of player development and amateur scouting.

DePodesta, 37, served as GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2004 and '05, becoming the third-youngest executive in major league history to hold a GM role.

He is the second high-profile assistant Alderson has named since becoming GM, joining former Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi. Along with holdover Wayne Krivsky, the Mets have three former GMs working under Alderson. Krivsky was GM of the Cincinnati Reds.

"Paul has one of the top analytical minds in the game and also has a strong background in the more traditional aspects of player development and amateur scouting," Alderson said in a statement. "He will help establish direction, standards and continuity in all areas of our player development domestically and internationally. Paul -- working together with J.P. Ricciardi and [assistant GM] John Ricco -- also will advise me generally on other matters related to baseball operations."

"I am thrilled to reunite with Sandy during this exciting time for the Mets," DePodesta said. "I know firsthand the type of vision and leadership he brings to a franchise. This is a tremendous opportunity to help develop a winning culture for the Mets and our fans."

DePodesta joined the Padres in July 2006 as special assistant for baseball operations, while Alderson served as CEO of the San Diego ballclub. DePodesta was promoted to his current position on Nov. 10, 2008.

DePodesta is known for his mathematics-based analytical skills.

He also served five seasons as assistant GM of the Oakland Athletics under Billy Beane. He launched his career as an intern with the Cleveland Indians in 1996, and also worked for that ballclub as an advance scout and special assistant.

DePodesta played baseball and football and graduated cum laude from Harvard in 1995 with an economics degree.

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AT Port St. Lucie in Miami, I'm Brandon J., on the Mets.

Source: Yanks will overpay Derek Jeter

George M. Steinbrenner Field, Florida- Derek Jeter is going to be paid Ryan Howard money for putting up Marco Scutaro numbers.

"The Yankees are going to overpay him," said a source with intimate knowledge of the discussions between the team and Casey Close, Jeter's agent. "The question is, how much are they going to overpay him?"

Several sources told Brandon J.'s News on Monday that while the Yankees have yet to make a formal offer to Jeter -- or to Mariano Rivera, their other high-profile free agent, not to mention Cliff Lee, their primary target in the free-agent market -- offers are currently being prepared for all three.

And the one that is likely to get done first is Jeter's, possibly before Thanksgiving, with Rivera's soon afterward.

Lee's deal -- that is, assuming the Yankees outbid what is expected to be a field of perhaps as many as a half-dozen suitors -- is not expected to get done until mid-December, after the conclusion of baseball's winter meetings, which run from Dec. 6-9 in Orlando.

As for Andy Pettitte, the third member of the Yankees' so-called Core Four to be without a contract this winter, the club plans to wait to hear from the 39-year-old pitcher whether he plans to play again in 2011, a decision club officials believe will not be made until after Thanksgiving.

But the first order of business will be Jeter, whose 10-year, $189-million contract expired last Monday and who officially became a free agent for the first time in his 16-year career at 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday morning when the Yankees five-day exclusivity window expired.

From conversations with two sources, both of whom requested anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the talks, Jeter's offer is expected to be for three years at somewhere between $15 million and $20 million per season.

That would be a slight paycut from his $21 million paycheck in 2010, but still well above the going rate for a shortstop who hit .270 last year and will hit his 37th birthday two weeks before the next All-Star Game.

"Some people will think the number is unfair," said one source, "And some are going to think it is way too much."

And both sources made it clear that in their opinion, Jeter will be paid more than he is currently worth on performance alone.

Both pointed out that when Jeter signed his contract after the 2000 Series, Jeter was 26 years old, coming off a regular season during which he batted .339 and a World Series of which he was named MVP. Most importantly, the closest comparable deal in baseball was the 10-year, $252 million contract given by the Texas Rangers to Alex Rodriguez, at the time a shortstop like Jeter.

Ten years later, the price of free agents has come down significantly, and so has Jeter's production.

Although the monetary value of Jeter's deal remains the third-highest in the history of baseball, exceeded only by A-Rod's original deal and the 10-year, $275-million contract extension he signed with the Yankees following the 2007 season, Jeter's 2010 production more closely resembled that of players earning a fraction of his salary.

"Jeter's numbers are exactly the same as Marco Scutaro's," one of the sources said. "He's gonna get paid a lot more than Scutaro, of course. He's gonna get more than the best shortstop in the league, Hanley Ramirez, who makes less than $12 million a year."

Ramirez, the Florida Marlins' 26-year-old shortstop, led the NL in hitting in 2009 with a .342 average and has hit as many as 33 home runs in a season. Last year, Ramirez batted .300 with 21 homers and 76 RBIs. He is about to entetr the third year of a six-year, $70-million deal that paid him $7 million in 2010 and escalates to $11 million for 2011.

Scutaro, on the other hand, is entering the walk year of a two-year deal that will pay him $5 million for 2011, with a $6 million club option for 2012. His 2010 stats were remarkably similar to Jeter's. Scutaro batted .275 to Jeter's .270, hit 11 home runs to Jeter's 10, drove in 56 runs to Jeter's 67. He was outscored by Jeter, 111-92, but struck out just 71 times to Jeter's 106, and grounded into nine fewer double plays (13-22).

In fact, Jeter's numbers are not that much different from those of Ian Desmond, the Washington Nationals second-year shortstop who hit .269 with 10 home runs and 65 RBIs and plays for the major league minimum salary of just over $400,000 a year.

Jeter, of course, commands much more money than Scutaro for several reasons, not the least of which is the value of his brand to the Yankees and the fact that he was a leading member of the five Yankee teams that won the World Series between 1996 and 2009. He has also been the team captain since 2003 and is the undisputed face of the franchise.

Because of that, his value to the Yankees is undoubtedly higher than it would be to any other franchise, a fact that no doubt frustrates the Yankees front office, which knows the market would allow it to play a much harder brand of ball than Jeter would like to see or much of the Yankees fan base would be willing to tolerate.

As one of the sources put it, "Where else is he going to go? Everything he's got, all his commercials, are tied to him playing in New York. If he leaves the Yankees, a lot of that stuff goes away, and he knows it."

According to both sources, no other team has shown any interest in Jeter or yet contacted his agent. "I think the other teams feel like there would be no point to it," one of them said.

And although the Yankees appear to hold most of the leverage in this one, both sources agreed they are unlikely to wield very much of it. Last week, Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankees managing general partner, seemed to indicate the club would take a harder than expected line with Jeter when he said on a conference call, "We absolutely want [Jeter] back. But having said that, we're running a business here, so if there's a deal to be done, it's going to be a deal that both sides are happy with."

Odds are it will be a deal Jeter will be happy with. For all their talk about not being afraid of making a tough choice, it appears the Yankees would rather give Jeter more than his play would command if only to avoid the perception of being ingrates, or worse.

"The Yankees are well aware that Derek Jeter is a legacy player," said one of the sources. "And you have to be very careful how you treat players like that."

The answer is, you overpay them. The question remains, by how much?

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From George M. Steinbrenner field in Florida, I'm Brandon J., on the Yankees.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Knicks-Magic game postponed

Madison Square Garden, New York- Dwight Howard and his teammates received an unusual text message Tuesday afternoon: Report to the team bus at the usual time, but don't bother getting ready for that night's game at Madison Square Garden. There won't be one.

Fearing that asbestos had fallen from the rafters at the building known as the World's Most Famous Arena, the New York Knicks postponed their game against the Orlando Magic. A spokesman for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection said two air-monitoring systems detected potentially dangerous fibers, but secondary testing by an independent contractor showed the fibers were not asbestos. The Knicks released a statement saying maintenance was being performed following Monday's New York Rangers game, which included "cleaning asbestos-related materials in the attic above the ceiling." Some debris fell into the arena.

After consulting with the NBA, the Knicks decided to postpone the game for safety reasons. They said they will work with experts to determine when the arena can reopen, but a Garden spokesman would not speculate on whether the building would be deemed safe in time for the Knicks' next home game, Friday night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

"As the safety of our customers and employees are our top priority, we will not reopen the Garden until we are absolutely assured the arena is safe," the team said in a statement.

No makeup date for the Magic-Knicks game has been set. MSG said it would announce information about future events once details are finalized.  New York City Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Farrell Sklerov described the debris as "dustlike" and said it was dislodged as part of cleaning work unrelated to the extensive construction renovations taking place at MSG.

"There are air monitoring stations set up throughout building, and two of them, one in the seating area, indicated slightly elevated levels of fibers that could potentially contain asbestos. They did further secondary testing with equipment that can differentiate those fibers, and those tests showed that no asbestos was released and everything is safe," Sklerov said.

It's the second recent arena-related postponement for the Magic. Their final exhibition game against Miami that was scheduled for the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Fla., was canceled because of slippery court conditions after arena officials said an oil-based cleaning solution was mistakenly applied. Magic spokesman Joel Glass said the team planned to arrive back in central Florida around 9 p.m. Tuesday evening following a charter flight. Orlando has a home game Wednesday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Postponements of NBA games are not unusual, but ordinarily they happen because of weather-related conditions. The last postponement even remotely related to falling debris happened in March 1985, when accumulated snow and ice caused a partial collapse of the roof at the Silverdome, forcing the Pistons to move two home games to the Joe Louis Arena and Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit.

In 1978, three Celtics games scheduled to be played in Hartford, Conn., were rescheduled for arenas in Providence, R.I., Springfield, Mass., and Boston because of the collapse of the roof at the Hartford Civic Center. And in 1968, the 76ers had to move their playoff games to the Palestra and the Philadelphia Convention Center because of ceiling repairs at the Spectrum.

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AT Madison Square Garden, i'm Brandon J., reporting for the Knicks.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Linsicum, Giants hold off Lee, Rangers again in 3-1 World Series clincher

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas- If you are the Rangers manager Ron Washington, how do you go into Game 5  with your team down 3 games to 1? Well, Ron Washington would insert Cliff Lee on the mound. But which Cliff Lee would show up to the ballpark tonight? The Lee who gave up 7 runs in 4 2/3 innings in Game 1 or the Lee who held off the Yankees in Game 3 of the ALCS? The Answer: a mix of both.

The rematch of Game 1 of the World Series happened again with Tim Linsecum taking on Cliff Lee. Everything went fine until the 7th inning. In that inning, Lee allowed back to back hits to Cody Ross and Juan Uribe. The next batter, Edgar Renteria, skied a ball into the seats, just above the reach of Josh Halilton. The Rangers would not leave the game without a run with Nelson Cruz cracking a home run.

Linsecum gave up 3 hits, 1 run, 2 walks in 8 innings while striking out 10. Giants manager Bruce Bochy then insurted closer Brian Wilson on the mound. He had 5 saves in this postseason. Then, the way Wilson closed it was a classic. He struck out Nelson Cruz to end the World Series.

So while the Giants celebrate, the Rangers slink back to their dugout, trying to figure out what went wrong. Cheer up Rangers fans. You had your chance, but there is always 2011 to think about.

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