Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On-Line Payment Options Convenient​ly Expanded!

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is pleased to announce that it can now offer anyone who has received a TLC issued summons  the convenience of both pleading guilty to and making an on-line payment for the  summons they have received.  The TLC’s on-line transaction system which, prior to this enhancement only allowed existing licensees to make their license renewal payment  on-line, has been expanded to enable anyone who has received a TLC issued summons to plead guilty to and pay that summons on-line, provided that no court appearance is required.  (Licensee must carefully check the summons to confirm that no appearance is required!) 

In addition, if you have an open summons for which a guilty verdict has been rendered but you have not yet paid the fine amount due, you can now pay the balance due on that summons on-line as well.

You may now both plead guilty to and pay the fine amount on-line for a summons that was previously payable by mail.  The on-line system will allow you to search for a specific summons or for all of your outstanding summonses.

To do so, please visit the TLC web site at  You can access the on-line transaction system by using the selection items in the lower left hand corner of the web site’s home page or by accessing it directly at:

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