Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Opinion: The real reason behind the Government Shutdown~ and thoughts on the Debt Celing

Written by legal intern and Brandon J.'s News commentator Maya Wharton, follow her on Twitter @maya_Wharton

My name is Maya Wharton, I'm a legal intern and a commentator at Brandon J.'s News, and personally,  I think the government shut down is the most childish thing they've done so far in my whole 16 years of living.

The government shutdown is obviously adults having some hissy fit and now wanting the attention for everyone.
Let's not forget the fact America is on it's last strands on how high its can go in debt.

The most ridiculous part is that Obama Care doesn't sound that bad. Old people need benefits and the democrats are obviously pissed that now their losing money.
We all know it's because they're mad a black man is still in the white house, it's why they stopped electrical voting.

The government is not blockbuster and now they're trying to finalize the deal before America reaches maximum amount of being in debt. So now their trying to corner Obama in making a decision.
The only reason China is so high up because they were trying to compete against us. If we start using all that damn space in middle of America and use it to make our own things, imagine how much money we would make. Think about it... It's not a bad idea.

For Brandon J.'s News, I'm Maya Wharton.

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