Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Exclusive: Giants franchise scion busted for bike blaze

Late New York Giants owner Wellington Mara’s hot-headed grandson Stephen Mara was busted Tuesday morning for setting motorcycles on fire in his Gramercy Park neighborhood, sources said.

Mara — whose equally combustible dad Stephen was arrested in 2006 for fight on the floor of the stock exchange — told cops he freaked out because out-of-towners were making a racket revving their bikes and setting off car alarms in the neighborhood.

Mara, 26, of East 26th Street, was charged with arson and was being held at the 13th precinct.

Sources said a security guard at the armory at 88 Lexington Ave., just around the corner from the suspected firebug’s pad, spotted Mara at 2:15 a.m. using a Bic lighter to set fire to the bikes.

A female neighbor who declined to give her name said she was awoken by two loud explosions before looking out her window to see the security guard wrestling with Mara.

“I heard two explosions. I felt the vibrations from them,” the woman said. “I went to my window and I saw a guy dragging who I thought was a woman, so I called the police.”

The woman’s husband, who also declined to give his name, said the guard spotted Mara setting fire to the bike before chasing him around the block.

“The security guard caught him as he was trying to go back into his building,” he said.

Frank Galea, Mara’s building superintendent, admitted that bikers on the block are often a nuisance for neighborhood residents, noting that a biker late one night last week was revving his engine some much, it caused his carbon monoxide alarm to go off.

“I went outside and the guy told me to go F— myself,” he said “When I told him I was calling the cops he left.”

Still, Galea thinks Mara acted like a maniac.

“I’m just shocked. He destroyed two cars along with the motorcycles,” he said. “For someone to do this you have to be sick in the head.”

“Call the police but don’t take matters into your own hands,” he said.

Real estate broker Steven Perre, 43, was a victim of Mara’s previous rampage last week, and found his 2007 Suzuki Burgman completely destroyed when he went to move it for alternate side parking.

“It was my baby,” Perre said. “That’s messed up, that somebody who’s so well off and has nothing but the best in life would do this.”

“Clearly he has issues. Something’s wrong with him.”

Mara, a Boston College grad, works for Major League Baseball as Coordinator of On-Field Operations, a gig he landed prior to the 2012 season.

Ironically, his duties “include investigating all on-field incidents and situations, assisting with disciplinary action decisions,” according to the MLB Web site.

His father was busted in December 2006 after he got into a fight with a Philadelphia Eagles fan on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange who had taunted him because the Philly team had just whipped the Giants 36-22.

The elder Mara tackled and choked the broker after he had innocently mocked the Giants’ performance .

“I’m gonna f- – -ing kill you! Don’t f- – – around with my family! Don’t insult my family!” Mara screamed, The Post reported at the time.

Wellington Mara owned 50 percent of the Giants until he died in October 2005.

Bob Tomasulo, 57, told The Post he had been joking back and forth with Mara about the Eagles and the Giants for years, and was shocked when his colleague freaked out.

“He charged me like an animal,” Tomasulo said. “He charged me like he wanted to sack me. At first, he got me in a bear hug and bent me over a trading post. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then he proceeded to choke me. I passed out for a minute.”

A relative of the younger Mara was also in the news last month when a Connecticut prosecutor dropped assault charges against him stemming from a brawl at a party.

Jack Mara, 22, of Mount Kisco in Westchester – a nephew of Giants’ owner John Mara – had been busted for allegedly smashing a beer bottle over the head of a fellow Fairfield University student last New Year’s Eve.

The victim suffered a fractured skull and picked Mara out of a lineup, but another man later came forward and admitted he was to blame for the assault.

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