Thursday, November 7, 2013

Opinion: What I REALLY want from Mayor De Blasio

Written by legal intern and Brandon J.'s News commentator Maya Wharton, follow her on Twitter @maya_Wharton

My name is Maya Wharton, I'm a legal intern and a commentator at Brandon J.'s News, and personally, while I didn't vote in the election for mayor, I do know what I want from the next mayor of the City of New York.

All I really want are for safer streets, more trash and recycling bins around to stop all the pollution, better running trains in places that are filled with minorities, and a safer environment for when I come home from school.
I'm not all to happy on the whole weed being legal thing, since I'm highly against any drug consumption.
What I DEFINETELY don't want? Someone with the same ideas as Bloomberg.

I want all the schools that are combine since they were considered banned, destroyed. It doesn't help and causes the problem of "turf war."
Finally, bike lanes and things would actually promote exercise would be nice.

For Brandon J.'s News, I'm Maya Wharton.

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