Thursday, December 5, 2013

Opinion: Bill Bratton a good head of NYPD? Not really~

Written by lead reporter/writer Brandon Julien and Brandon J.'s News commentator/legal intern Maya Wharton, follow them on twitter @Brandonjsnews and @maya_wharton

So Bill Bratton was announced as mayor-elect Bill De Blasio's choice for commissioner of the NYPD. I personally believe that Ray Kelly got the city down to these record lows, and what happens after he leaves will be anyone's guess. Here's Maya Wharton with her commentary.

When Bill De Blasio becomes mayor and Bill Bratton takes over in the NYPD, what's going to happen is that petty stuff like jumping turnstiles are going to be "extremely" bad. It's because I'm One of those kids who 'break' the petty laws.

And apparently, a lot of guys like him.

Sure yeah crime is a bad thing, but I'm currently reading what his ideas are and I think that his ideas are a bit strict. Basically stuffing the police down are throats. He's from Oakland, a place that's known for racial profiling, and he was a huge bust in Oakland.

Brandon: You realize why these crimes are at record lows? It's because Ray Kelly used great techniques. Controversial as they are, they worked. Without him, imagine how many guns would be on the street today.

Maya: Yeah and i honestly dont like this new guys idea. Now cops are going to pick on kids more. I guess we're all going to be criminals, cause this bill guy likes the broken window theory.

For Brandon J.'s News, I'm Maya Wharton.

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