Thursday, January 16, 2014

Missing Wall Street Journal reporter’s credit card was used in Mexico

The search for a missing Wall Street Journal reporter from New Jersey took a bizarre twist Thursday when a family member said his credit card was used in Mexico, according to a report.

A purchase was made with David Bird’s credit card in Mexico Wednesday night, four days after the energy reporter was last seen going for a walk near his Long Hill Township, NJ home.

According to NBC News, a source close to the family confirmed the purchase, and said his disappearance may be connected to his OPEC coverage.

It was unclear if the family believes Bird is in Mexico.

A family spokesman called the NBC report “speculation.”

“There are a lot of rumors going around,” Carolyn Buscarino, a family friend for 10 years, told the Post. “It’s like he vanished.”

Bird, 55, an avid hiker and marathoner, vanished Saturday afternoon after telling his wife he was going for a walk, presumably in the woods near their house.

Bird’s wife Nancy said he left the house wearing a red jacket, jeans and sneakers, but left his phone at home.

His wife said he had been suffering from a gastrointestinal virus, and took medication for a liver transplant.

The prescription, which he left home, is for anti-rejection medication, and the family said he can’t go on for too long without it.

Bird’s disappearance drew more than 100 cops and volunteers who have scoured the area for a trace of the missing journalist.

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