Thursday, February 13, 2014

Opinion: De Blasio keeps dropping the ball

Written by Brandon J.'s News reporter Brandon Julien, follow him on Twitter @Brandonjsnews

Snow. It can be so peaceful and very scenic, but it can be very difficult if you have to walk in it. Which leads me to today's storm.

Last night, as all other kids were, i was sitting around, waiting to hear if Mayor Bill De Blasio was going to close school tomorrow. He didn't say by the time i had to go to sleep, and only god knows what kind of decision he made.

This morning, i got up, and heard that NYC public schools were open. He would say in a later press conference: "So many families depend on their schools as a place for their kids to be during the day, a safe place where they are not only are taught, they get nutrition and they are safe from the elements," he said. "So many families have to go to work, the members of these families have to go to work, they do not have a choice, and they need a safe option for their kids. So as long as we know our kids can get to school safely, and we know we can operate our schools effectively, we make that decision...I want to emphasize it is a rare act, in fact...since 1978 I think our figures are, about 11 times schools have been closed in that time frame. So it is a rarity, and it's something we do not do lightly."

Not taking into consideration that schools have closed only 30% of the time whenever it snows, but it was supposed to snow 6-10 inches in the area. Kids shouldn't have to walk around in the snow with blowing winds. No. Stop. Do not reach for your e-mail client; I do not want to hear about how you want to say how kids are better off in school, because if you are, you are fucking stupid—and don't deserve to be in public office.

De Blasio held a press conference on the storm.

But the real problem was the blinding snow, and the rain that came afterwards. The rain melted the snow and caused these huge puddles, as i show in this pic around 116th Street in Harlem.

Also, i file this report on the snow myself.

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