Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Opinion: The crisis in Ferguson

I'd like to address the crisis in Ferguson for a brief moment, because in my opinion, what is going on there is absolutely deplorable.

Looting? Rioting in the streets? Overturning police cars? It makes you look like complete idiots more than anything else.

And then, i was watching the news last night, and there was a story that reported that Michael Brown's father said "Burn it down" to start a riot. I'd love to see him try and explain that to the press, because i would have thought that he's an ass for doing something stupid like that.

The other story i heard was that there was going to be a "dead-in" at Grand Central Terminal to protect this, and the Eric Garner decision that is supposed to come down later this week. It means that the "dead-in" is supposed to block the flow of regular and human traffic.

Really. I'd like to go down there and photograph it just too see how much of an ass everybody down there looks.