Thursday, February 4, 2016

Opinion: Relationship state of humanity

Written by anchor/reporter Brandon Julien- Twitter: @Brandonjsnews

To quote Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, a cynic can be described as someone who doesn't hold out hope that anything in the future will be good. And quite frankly, I find it harder and harder to understand why any regular guy wouldn't be a cynic at this point when it comes to relationships.
I personally believe that films starring Morgan Freeman would have you believe that hope is your magical shield against the tribulations of life, but the reality has collectively taken that shield and shoved it up our ass so many times it's probably time we started leaving it at home. To put it in another, less stupid way, if you go by the evidence of the last 2 months of news stories with people getting raped and getting pregnant and just assume that the world is headed for disaster with the next generation of teenagers, then you’ll be on the same boat as everybody else.

Now I know by saying that, I may have become your old grandparents hating the youth of today, even though I’m only 18 years old and am just 8 months removed from the end of my high school career. Although now that I think about it, it doesn’t make it better for me that I transferred from BMCC, where Stuyvesant was close by, to Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, where there’s a high school on campus. Go me.

I think that that part of the problem is that what girls are looking for in a guy is changing. I remember the times when girls went out with boys who were cute, or played on the basketball team, or had a cute butt or whatever. Now a days, they want to go out with boys who make a lot of money, or are “bad boys” or whatever, and people like me are sitting around wondering what the hell happened.

But the thing is- and maybe it’s just me- girls are using more and more boys for money, no matter how much they have- or don’t have. And I know this from personal experience. Back when I was in middle school in 8th grade, I dated a 5th grader, and I will state for the record right now that she was one of only three girls that I will say was the best I’ve ever dated. I’ll pause for a moment so you can find your socks that just blew off. Ok, so there was the huge grade difference, and we did argue about me “manning up” against my parents to save it, but one occurring theme was money. It felt like every week or so that she was asking me to buy her something- whether it was for her nails, or a new bra, or to take her shopping. Doesn’t she understand #TheStruggle is real?

So that concludes this little adventure in looking into reality. I'd like to clarify that somewhere in my heart, I'm open to the possibility of things changing when it comes to what girls look for. But my intention is not to bash for once, but to argue that it makes the most logical sense to sometimes be pessimistic. After all if the relationship is good, great. But if you see the clear warning signs, you've lost nothing. Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing that you're cleverer than clueless people, which is right up there with winning a beauty contest again Ariana Grande, but still, it's a good overall rule.

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